Critical Text and Exhibitions

Hanging from a thread 

Guardabassi introduces himself in this way, as a “baster” of habits, tendencies and cultures, and it is for this reason that he uses the thread as extra-pictorial resource that he replaces in some occasions with the wire, more lasting and of modern tradition. 
In this way Mirco Guardabassi identifies and expresses himself making a connection, a sort of hybrid between the manufacture and drawing. 
He shines as heir of the Greek Latin culture, a mythological reminiscence that relates him to legends concerning the searches and the self referential encounters, even though bound to a contemporaneity that can be perceived from the fluidity of the stroke and the chromatic “indiscipline”. 
He doesn’t remain focused on a traditional support such as the canvas or the paperboard but he succeeds in spreading out to imprint his judgment on clothes or to invoke it in the audio-visual. The thematic contents can change although they always allude to an environment next to the creator with a “conductor thread” that is divided in the works as a point of union and dissolution. 
With this unconventional work, in its conception and realization, Mirco corroborates the diversity of the contemporary art where the creativity prevails beyond the skill. 

Maricel Nàpoles




_ Torre Strozzi, Perugia, "Terra Martyr", personal exhibition, 2016

_Civitella Ranieri Art Fondation, Umbertide, " Vicini di Casa", collettive exhibition, 2016

_ Espai Ku, Barcellona, " May in Barcellona", collective exhibition, 2016.

_ Palazzo Graziani, Repubblic San Marino, "Suturing Techniques", personal exhibition, 2015.

_ Gallerie 16 B, Zurich, "Angolo di Rifrazione", collective exhibition, 2015.

_ Fiera di Forlì, " Vernice art Fair", ( all you need is paint), collective exhibition, 2014.

_ Immagini spazio arte Gallery, Cremona, collective exhibition 2013.

_ Masu Gallery, Tallinn, personal exhibition, 2013.

_ Ada Gallery, Barcellona," Amart in Barcellona", collective exhibition, 2013.

_ Crisolart Gallery, New York, " The Dialogue of Colors", collective exhibition, 2012.

_ Spaziottagoni, Roma, " Artist in The World", collective exhibition, 2012.

_ Palazzo Frumentario, Assisi, " May in Art", collective exhibition, 2011.

_ Amart Gallery, Bruxelles, " Contemporary Languages", collective exhibition, 2011.

_ Galleria Nacional Francisco P.Puig, Santiago De Cuba, personal exhibition, 2011.

_ MAC, Bonfin, Bahia, collective exhibition, 2010.

_ Galleria 18, "Italians do it Better", collective exhibition, 2010.

_ Galerie Marc Puechredon, Basel, " Italians do it Better", collective exhibition, 2010.

_ Galerie XC, Nice, personal exhibition, 2010.

_ Ex Palazzo Pretorio, Sansepolcro, personal exhibition, 2009.

_ Symposium arte Gallery, Milano, personal exhibition, 2009.

_ Expó 14_30, Madrid, personal exhibition, 2009.

_ Porto Franco, Perugia, personal exhibition, 2008.

_ centro espositivo comunale, Anghiari, personal exhibition, 2008.

_ Palazzo Arconi, Gubbio, personal exhibition, 2008.

_ Palazzo del Podestà, Città di Castello, personal exhibition, 2007.






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